Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lev 23--Taking a gratitude break...

This morning, I had a great text conversation with a friend that's really struggling with several recovery issues, (not that different than myself).

The root of my own codependency/idolotry was the realization as a teenager that God wasn't enough.  The problem with that realization was that it was only a half truth.  God wasn't enough because I didn't have enough of Him and He didn't have enough of me.  It's like learning a new language.  The kids that give themselves over to immerse themselves in the new culture have no trouble at all.  The adults who have "better" things to do struggle with grammar and never really become fluent. 

Jesus told us that He was the vine and we are the branches--apart from Him we can do nothing.  That sounds like immersion is needed.  We can't just come and go.  It has to be an ongoing part of our lives.  That's one of the reasons God established the festivals at regular intervals throughout the year.  Basically every seven weeks God established a festival to refocus their lives in a big way back on God and all He has done.  There were daily remembrances as well, but everything stopped about every 50 days for a God focused festival.  Those times of worship helped them stop to say thanks and worship Him for all He has done. 

That's one of the reasons Hebrews talks about Jesus being our sabbath rest.  We have the treasure of His Spirit within us so we can do better than taking breaks every 50 days.  We get to enjoy Him every day, all day.  Taking those opportunities consistently keeps the allure of idols from being attractive.  Failing to take them leaves us vulnerable--we seek to get our legitimate needs met by something other than Him--which is the core of idolotry. 

Take time to celebrate Him today.  He's worth it. 

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