Friday, February 8, 2013

I Am the Lord who makes you holy--Lev 20-22

Last night, the Lord woke me up with this word from Him about this passage. I hope it is an encouragement to you.

"I Am the One who makes you holy, sets you apart to Myself, does the hard work of holiness.  I commanded you to be holy as I Am.  I know you need this.  I also know you can't do it.  Lest your heart become discouraged, I remind you that I Am the One who makes you holy.  I Am the One who justifies.  I Am the One who gives you a new name and makes you a new creation.  I Am the One who changes your deepest desires to run hard after Me.  I Am the One who gives you the courage and wisdom to choose to do right because your frame needs it.  I am not setting before you an impossible task to be accomplished on your own.  It would be impossible if you had to do it in your own fallen, twisted strength.  I Am setting before you life to the full and enabling you to choose it.  Be at peace.  This is My work in you.  I Am the God who makes you holy."

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