Thursday, February 21, 2013

Leadership has its dangers too: Num 19-20

Yesterday we talked about the ways that God supports the leaders He uses and the way God sees  dissention.  That also means that god holds leaders accountable as well. 

Both Moses and Aaron face a grumbling crowd (again).  This time, at least the leadership team is on the same page--the are both before God praying for the people.  Like before, God gives instruction and they go out with God's plan--speak to the rock and it will give the water they all need.  The problem is that Moses has had it with them.  His anger gets the best of him and he hits the rock, not once, but twice.  God even gave him a chance to get control of himself, but he chooses disobedience. 

The penalty seems light in comparison to the penalties handed out earlier until you realize that Moses and Aaron will spend 42 years contending with these people and never get to experience what was promised.  They have seen all that God can do.  They are ready, but they are destined to die unfulfilled.  It will be all work and no reward.  God himself is their reward, but the disappointment must have really stung.  It's the same kind of disappointment that David must have felt when God wouldn't let him build the temple. 

As believers, our position before God is secure.  As leaders, our authority is backed by God.  What we can lose is the chance to enjoy the fruits of our own ministries.  Even Evan Roberts, the great revivalist in Wales, missed out on enjoying a long, fruitful ministry because he started taking leadership responsibility on his own shoulders rather than leaving it humbly in the Lord's hands.  He is the one who truly leads.  The best we can do is herd people in the direction He's going.  It's God's responsibility and direction that are important.  We can't provide that for the people. 

As a leader, even if it's just a leader in your own household, how do you make sure that you are leading others in the direction God desires and letting the responsibility for the results fall on God's shoulders? 

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