Friday, February 1, 2013

Details matter: Lev 1-3

Details, details...It might be easy to get bogged down in all these regulations.  Several of these sections are basically procedural rulebooks.  Because we're talking about a real God who has preferences of His own, we can't just do what we think is right.  When we face the judgement seat, it will not be a mirror.  Here are a few things that stood out to me:
  • No yeast.  Leavening is that which puffs-up.  God desires that we be real with Him.  We don't need to take the time and energy to put on a show.  We do need to take the time to prepare our hearts and our sacrifices, but not just to make them look better. 
  • Always salt.  Jesus said we are the salt of the earth.  Salt preserves and brings out the real flavors of food.  We need to gently preserve and encourage those around us as well--bringing out who they are, not drawing attention to ourselves.
  • First fruits.  Always bring God the first and best.  That's what He will use to multiply back to us (do you want more of the crappy stuff?).  He is a great God who gives us all good things and deserves our best.
  • The fat belongs to the Lord.  (Sounds like a diet, doesn't it?)  Fat is where the flavor is.  The flavor of our lives is to be a pleasing aroma to the Father. 
  • Blood is not for eating.  Something else's life is not for your consumption.  You have been granted life from the Father and He holds it sacred.  Hold other life as sacred as well. 
For the most part, the sacrifices were shared between the altar, the giver and the priests.  Eating before the Father was a form of worship. 

What did you see in the passage?  When was the last time you worshiped the Father through your eating?

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