Monday, February 25, 2013

Going over it again: Num. 28-29


Have you ever wondered if you were repeating yourself?  Have you realized you desperately needed to repeat yourself?  Maybe as you were walking out the door? 

Does it surprise you that Moses repeats God's instructions before he leaves? 

I've found myself getting irritated at re-reading the same sacrifice instructions over and over again.  One would think that once would be enough, but for important things, you repeat yourself.  In this case, God seems to think that it's important enough to repeat it so we read it again and they hear it again. 

It's a good thing.  I forget stuff.  I miss steps.  I forget details.  I need reminders. 

So read it again.  Remember how much we don't need to remember (Thank You Jesus!!!!).  Relesh the gravity of God's sacrifices for us and the patience He shows to our frailty. 

Got that?  I'm glad I don't need to repeat myself...

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