Tuesday, January 8, 2013

God, Our Provider--Gen 22-24

I've been praying that the Lord would point out an overall theme for each day's reading.  There is so much to think about in each of these chapters, but God is faithful to provide when we ask (even when providing happens to be the theme He's providing).

The pattern in all three of these stories is that obedience puts someone out on a limb and God makes up the difference Himself.  Abraham offered Issac as a sacrifice when there was no other.  God provided the ram.  Abraham had left his home to wander in a land God had promised to him at least 400 years into the future and needed to bury his wife.  God provided peace with his neighbors and his first piece of home.  The servant had traveled to a distant place he'd never seen to meet a family he'd never met before to get a wife for his master's son.  His trek ended in worship as God continually met all his needs with more than he could have dreamed.  Rebekah left her home to become the wife of someone she'd never met and found the love of her life.  (As an aside, I once heard a Jewish scholar teach that Rebekah was so smitten with Issac when she laid eyes on him that her quick dismount was more of a tumble--thus the replacement of her veil.  Can you imagine the scene with two breathless people stuttering in their infatuation?)

We often talk about how God provides--and this is true.  It is more true that God provides where He guides.  Where has God sent you lately?  Is your provision there waiting for you? 

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