Monday, January 28, 2013

Discipline and Obedience: Ex 35-37

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you discipline your kids they are really snuggly? 

Yesterday's reading was a nightmare--like watching a train wreck.  They messed up.  The punishment was severe and deserved.  It's time to create the tabernacle using the designs Moses recieved from God, so what's going to happen when Moses comes to the people and asks for materials?  The design God gave Moses to implement is the most elaborate worship tent ever conceived--a tent that is intended to mirror the very atmosphere of Heaven itself.  Will the people want to give to God after such a messy confrontation?

You betcha--and in a big way.  They even had to tell people to stop bringing stuff. 

A few years ago, Bruce Wilkerson came to speak at our church about intimacy with the Almighty. There were several God appointments ordained for that weekend, including the obvious failure of the body of Christ to address the needs of our community, but in essence the strongest point from his sermon was one that Jesus made in Matthew 6:

"21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

That weekend, our church pledged $5.6 Million to help combat homelessness in Orlando.  Both here in Orlando and in Israel, the gifts didn't just include things--they included time, talent, expertise and energy.  When God does something, He uses crisis and correction to move us where we need to be to be a part of a miracle.  In both cases, God provided people with expertise long in advance of the visible action, but when it is time, it all comes together and becomes something amazing. 

What have you given God lately?  Do you need a crisis to get you to that point?

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