Friday, January 25, 2013

Glorious and Beautiful: Ex 26-28


Worship can take many forms.  It's easy to think of worship in terms of music or poetry, but it is so much more.  Worship is anything that shows God how important He is to us.  These three chapters seem pretty ordinary on the surface, but they show two things:  God is worthy of things that are our highest and best craftsmanship and God does care about the gifts He receives.  Everything that is specified is described as "Glorious and Beautiful,"  and it was.

The creation of the tabernacle, the equipment and the clothing for the priests according to the plan God made for them was a unique act of worship.  The materials were all given by the people.  They were treated with great care and forthought.  Later we will see the names of the craftsmen that God supernaturally gifted to create these beautiful pieces.  God didn't mind letting us know who crafted these beautiful pieces, but we see that the ability to create them was a gift from God, returned to God. 

Many of the pieces were symbolic.  Cherubim were featured everywhere, just as they are in Heaven. The high priest wears a gold plaque on his turban that declares he is "Holy to the Lord."  The breastplate is over his heart along with the urim and thummim--a sacred way that God used something like dice to show His will.  He carried onyx stones on each shoulder engraved with the names of the 12 tribes of Israel to remind him that he is their representative. 

There are times for me when I create something and I put everything I have into it just to praise God.  Imagine having God's direction about what He wants and then going after satisfying that with every resource you have.  What a delight!  This too is worship. 

What can you do to worship Him today?

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