Saturday, March 28, 2009

Foolish Arguments

I wanted to write about prayer...I've been reading Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire and Jim Cymbala is preaching to the choir. I think a prayer meeting is about all that is generally necessary in the body of Christ--ok, maybe not all, but pretty close. That's not what my Friend wants to discuss.

I spent a good part of this evening talking with an avowed Catholic, who loves Jesus very much and is probably (giving Jesus the benefit of the doubt) saved. I kept trying to pull him back to the thought that our work is useless in comparison to the work that God does when we ask Him. At the end, I was pushing salvation by grace, though I didn't realize it, and he was pushing trans-substantiation and the place of the priest in salvation. Quoting scripture was useless and I'm sure that he was equally annoyed that quoting the church councils was lost on me (even when I knew what they did in those councils).

I missed a good chunk of an evening with my family and I don't know that it did either one of us any good. I'm glad my friend is pro-life. I'm glad he loves and wants to follow Jesus. I'm glad Catholic people are praying--My dear God-friend will break through if they give Him a millimeter to do so, you can be sure of that. I had hoped I would find a friend to prayer-walk our neighborhood regularly. I've been struggling to walk it consistently in the way I know is needed.

Paul and Titus were right...foolish arguments waste time and ruin the hearers. Maybe someday I'll learn.

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